The Kusasa Project

The Kusasa Project The Kusasa Project The Kusasa Project The Kusasa Project

The Kusasa Project

The Kusasa Project helps at-risk children by providing an outstanding “Whole Child Education” in our accredited independent primary school.

The Kusasa Project was founded in 2006 by Dave Riordan and Doug Gurr, initially to facilitate reading and recreational sports’ activities one day a week at a deprived school in the informal settlement outside of Franschhoek.

Although an area of renowned natural beauty and world class wines, the Cape Winelands, in which Franschhoek is situated, is also an area which has a large population of impoverished, previously-disadvantaged people. This area has a relatively high rate of poverty, underemployment, illiteracy, alcoholism, abuse, and crime.

During the initial interaction in the local government schools where there was a poor record of educational performance, our volunteers provided stimulation for English language learning and created reading opportunities. They also ran a variety of recreational sporting activities for learners in Grades five to seven. However, it soon became apparent that the challenges of changing behaviours in existing schools was an obstacle which would take years and considerable political will to alter. After consultation with skilled educators and social workers both in South Africa and abroad, we soon came to realise that a more direct approach was needed.

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