Caledon Vet Clinic

Caledon Vet Clinic Caledon Vet Clinic

Caledon Vet Clinic

Caldon Vet Clinic is available for appointments in Greyton on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons

Caledon Vet Clinic is a vet clinic operating out of Caledon. We are very keen to take care of all your animals needs no matter what they are. Big or small we can treat them all. We have years of experience in treating cats, dogs, horses, cattle and sheep, so let us know if you need advice or assistance.

We are stockists of:

HILL’S Veterinary diets
ULTRA DOG Optiwoof and Superwoof
VETSBRANDS scientifically formulated food
F10 Shampoos and ointments
VIRBAC specialised shampoos
VETSBRANDS skin and joint care supplements
CIPLA joint and skin care
BAYER Seresto collars for fleas and ticks

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