Ebervet Vetshop Caledon

Ebervet Vetshop Caledon Ebervet Vetshop Caledon

Ebervet Vetshop Caledon

Ebervet Vetshop – We supply premium quality pet foods, and a wide range of toys, treats, bedding and basic health care requirements. Our trained staff offer expert advice.

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Dr Hilldidge Beer has been a veterinarian in the Helderberg area since 1991 and is currently the owner of two EberVet veterinary clinics, seven EberVet Vetshops and a pet spa.

Her passions are surgery, animal welfare and health care intervention at primary level. “My mission is to provide veterinary healthcare to everyone who cares about their pets regardless of their income, and to provide clients with the right kind of knowledge and information to make informed decisions about caring for their pets, helping them live longer, healthier lives.”

Several times a year, Dr Beer devotes her time and surgical skills to animal welfare organisations in small towns across the Karoo, Helderberg Basin and Overberg, setting up sterilisation outreach clinics in impoverished communities.

Dr Beer lives in Somerset West with Nonna and Stoffel, two miniature schnauzer/wire-haired terrier crosses, and when not working she likes to take the open road on her Harley Davidson motorcycle or in her Landrover.

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